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We're here to help each family realize their college dreams without going broke in the process. Our experience, tools, and access to technology, will guide your family to make the right decisions, and understand the payoffs and benefits of your school choices.


There are need-based and merit-based opportunities, you just have to know where to look and your student has to be willing to consider other colleges they may not have considered. We can simplify the complicated road to college to save you time, stress and money.  


College Search


One of the many services that we offer clients is the creation of a personalized college list.

Application Process

Assist with college applications including due dates and review of applications prior to submission to check for errors or missing pieces.



We help you navigate the process to ensure financial peace of mind.

Student Portal


Access your own dashboard to manage the college process. It includes college profiles, to do lists, application outlines all stored in one place to keep your student organized.








is the average cost of attending a 4-year private college.


is the average cost of attending a 4-year private college.

Success Stories

Kiara Gupta

Kiara knew she wanted to attend college, but wasn’t really sure where, the size of the school or even what major. Her Parents did not attend college and so the biggest challenge was the lack of insight to the whole process, they wanted to help and be involved but had no idea where to start.

Our extensive college search was the perfect place to begin. Mike spent time talking with Kiara and used a fun card-sorting tool to discover what mattered most to her.  Each card displays a characteristic that is then sorted into categories—ones she really wanted, those which were neutral, or then absolutely did not want. This was a great opportunity to open discussions on what mattered most.  The team used this information in putting together a list of 12 schools which matched these categories.

High School:  Anderson High School

GPA: 3.84

ACT: 32

Extracurriculars: Secretary of National Honor Society, Yearbook Photographer, completed over 100 hours of volunteer work, church youth group leader,




“Everyone was great to work with. I had no idea how to start picking colleges. I thought I would just apply to schools in Texas and end up there. But, I am so excited to be heading out of state to Dordt College. I had never even heard of it and would not have applied."

Interesting Numbers

Undergraduate Students 


will graduate in four years.


will not complete their degree.

 attend one of the Ivy League schools

The Right College

To find the right college fit for you, we think about what you need in four different categories: academics, campus culture, financials, and career services.


Campus Culture


Major or career services

Let us help you find a great match.