About Us

Our mission is to provide support to students and families to help find the best possible college “fit” at the lowest possible cost. We conduct our business in a friendly, supportive, and inclusive way and value open and honest communications between student, parents and our consultants. We partner with families to navigate the complex web of choices surrounding college selection and funding, balancing needs of the student with the needs of the family. We help manage stress in the steps of college essays and college application completion.

Our team of College Planning Professionals guides you and your students through the complex college planning process. Meet Mike, Annmarie and Dee here.

We know the College Landscape

We’ve studied the trends. We know how to get to the finish line. As we get to know you and your student, we will help give you tailored advice that will help you reach your student’s educational goals.

We’re available for you and your student

We know that today’s families are rushed in every aspect of life. We have simplified the college planning process to give you the answers that you need quickly, with a minimum of stress and involvement on your part.

This is ALL we do, every day

We specialize in planning for college, period. We are singularly focused on getting to the goal, and have expert financial, educational, and counseling options included in our process.

College Planning can be stressful. Relax. We can help.

Need help?  Contact us or attend one of our College Planning Seminars for more information.