What We Do

College planning can be confusing and stressful. Lots of questions come up and many, many decisions need to be made in a short amount of time.

Relax. We can help.

We’ll help you answer these key questions (and many others):

  • Which college is right for my student?
  • Which major will be best for him?
  • How are we supposed to pay for it?
  • What scholarships does she qualify for?
  • Where do we begin?

What we do in the college planning process: we help families find the right college “fit” at the best possible tuition price.

Our multi-step program takes your family through the entire college planning process, including:

  • Career Search, using one of the industry’s best tools
  • Extensive, targeted College Search for your student
  • Targeting of “hidden gem” colleges using the specialized database information
  • Intensive College Applications / College Admissions support
  • Online SAT/ACT preparation
  • Financial aid paperwork filing
  • Budgeting/ Financial positioning suggestions
  • Student and Parent Counseling

and much more!

We offer a proven process that can help save you time, stress and money!

Interested?  Attend one of our Free College Planning Seminars in Austin, TX or Contact Us with your questions!