Our Educational Consultants, College Application Specialists and Team of Experts Help With The Whole College Planning Process

With a 16-step personalized plan, our goal is to help students represent the very best of themselves for standout applications, to increase the chance of acceptance and scholarship dollars.

In our college management system, we set goals, review assessments, advise on degree programs, educate about college selections, brainstorm, and critique essays, complete admission applications together, and provide support until final choices are determined.

A private student portal gives access to college list, timelines, and reminders to keep everyone organized and manage stress.

Application Completion Time Decreased86%
College Acceptance Chance Increase98%
Increase in Scholarships69%
Family Stress Decreased91%

The Best Colleges are the ones that
Fit the Student
College Inroads Can Help
Find that Perfect Fit​

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Top College

Our Services

College Inroads offers comprehensive college counseling services to help navigate the complicated road to college.

We know that choosing a college or university is an important life decision for you and your family – and we want to help make it as easy as possible. With our guidance, expertise, and personalized approach, we will work with you to develop an effective strategy to find the right school and to maximize your chances of admission. From researching and selecting programs, to completing applications, to preparing for interviews and financial aid – College Inroads is here to provide practical advice and support to students throughout the entire college admissions process.

College & Career Search

We work with your student's goals to identify a list of colleges which look to be the best fit. We also help with a Career Search to discuss possible careers and majors.

Structured Process

Each student has their own dashboard to work through the entire college planning process. It includes college profiles, to-do lists, application outlines, and more, helping keep the your student-organized.

Application Process

College Inroads assists with all parts of the college application process, keeping a strong eye on all due dates. We review all applications prior to submission to check for errors or missing pieces.

Student Preparation

Impress Interviewers and Craft an Impressive Resume with Our Proven Strategies.

Financial Guidance

We help navigate the process of filing financial aid forms to ensure peace of mind and through a system, we assist with finding scholarships. We also work with the student on scholarship essays and application process.

The Final Stretch

Get the Help You Need to Ensure That Your Student Can Cross the Finish Line

College Planner Austin

Why Choose College Inroads?

Thousands of students & parents trust College Inroads to help them through the complex process of applying to college.

On Time Service

We keep your Student and you on schedule to meet all the deadlines for applications.

We Take the Heat off you

Applying for College is stressful for all of the family. Every year admission requirements change, and many students are not aware of which direction they really should go.

Our program helps take that stress off of you as a family. You don't need to be the one pushing to get things done on time. That is our job. Overall, it makes for a happier and more productive process.

Dedicated Team to Reach All Goals

Each of our team is highly skilled in their respective area. As a group we are an expertise force rallying around your student, helping them put their best foot forward.


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Stress-Free Parents

To find the right college fit, we start with examining four main areas:

Let us show you how we can help your student find their best college match.

Choosing a college can be overwhelming!

Hi, My name is Mike Davila.

 I am the founder and one of the partners at College Inroads. I would say that one of the biggest concerns that families have when they come to us is that they’re having a hard time finding the right fit college for their students.

And that’s understandable, considering that there are 2400 4-year colleges out there, and let’s face it, everybody’s really strapped for both time and resources these days. So one of the things that we do here at College and Roads is look at everything through the lens of College Affordability, and we help students narrow that bigger list down to a much more manageable list for them to consider and apply to.

One of the other things that we always have believed is that
there is a college out there for everybody.

One of our biggest success stories isn’t necessarily a student getting into the Ivy League or the upper tier one schools, even though we do have students that attend those institutions. This one student I’m thinking about actually was 480th out of his class of 500 students.

So we’re not talking to the most stellar student here, but he got accepted into six out of eight colleges that he applied to and even got a $20,000 scholarship for the one that he ended up attending.

So if you’re ready to get started, if you’re ready to find the Right Fit college for you, just please contact us and consider setting up an appointment with us. Thanks so much.

See Our Reviews

With the help and support of College Inroads, my high school senior went from ambivalent about college to getting accepted into a fashion program at a 4 year university and feeling excited to start the next chapter in their life! This service gave my child guidance and counseling to help them find their passion, narrow down the search for school, complete the applications and get accepted into their top choice!
College Inroads helped us clearly understand the requirements, steps and key dates for the college application process. They then worked with my daughter to stay on track and coached her through the steps. She was accepted at all the schools she applied! I would highly recommend them!
Greg Hunt
Greg Hunt
College In Roads is fabulous. So helpful for my son , and myself as well 🙂 Highly recommend.
Lori Lucero
Lori Lucero
Annmarie is located in austin tx but has been an incredible resource to my friends and family with high school seniors in Ohio and in San Antonio. She makes finding the perfect college so smooth. She is extremely knowledgeable with paperwork. She has saved the relationships between teen and mom by being the “naggers” of paperwork leaving room for mom and kids to savor those last few months together!
Enid Jones
Enid Jones
College Inroads is fabulous!! They guided us through the daunting college search, essays, applications and financial aid process. They pace the process so its manageable for both the kids and the parents. I am certain that the money we saved from the scholarships and reduced college fees more than covered the cost of their service. Looking back, I can't imagine doing this process without the College Inroads team!
Kerri Davis
Kerri Davis
College In Roads has been a great partner to our family in navigating the college selection and admissions process. Having a trusted third-party advisor was a huge bonus for our daughter, it really broadened her perspective and gave her someone to work with in a safer way than just her parents :). For my wife and I, CIR also was invaluable in the project management of the entire process, making sure we hit deadlines and engaging our daughter's accountability in that process. We have recommended CIR numerous times and signed up for our younger daughter as well - great experience.
Patrick Tickle
Patrick Tickle
If you are worried about any aspect of the College Application process for your child, College InRoads is there to help hold your child's hand (and your hand) in a proven, step-by-step process. They begin early and take the stress and workload off your shoulders. I cannot recommend their services enough! We have used College InRoads for 4 out of our 5 children and are grateful for their services!
Stephanie Sharp
Stephanie Sharp
Ann Marie and her colleague were a tremendous help with our son in the arduous college application process. Much appreciated.
Shannon T. Schmitz
Shannon T. Schmitz
College InRoads was a phenomenal experience from the very beginning. When my son was a sophomore, we sat down with Mike and Dee and they walked us through a summary of what to expect for the upcoming year and through to graduation. We received a binder, log-ins for their student portal and appointments for several assessments. They walked my son through everything from narrowing down to a few potential majors, best schools suited to him for his preferences AND a ton of essay tutoring and mentoring. We didn't have to worry about missing any deadlines or stressing about my son's admission process! We got a short list of schools to visit and updates on admissions, essay deadlines and financial aid information. I truly believe that College Inroads helped my son maximize his opportunities and he ended up with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP to the college of his choice! Thank you, Mike, Dee and Annemarie!
Wendy Irwin
Wendy Irwin

With our help, students have been accepted to the following colleges: