You’re almost there!  In less than a month, you will be considered a High School Graduate!

A few final thoughts as you complete your journey with us:

1. FINISH STRONG!  The college you have chosen will require a Final Transcript, so stay the course and finish with the best GPA you can!  You don’t want that C you make in Calculus to affect your Financial Aid package!
2. Now that your FINAL COLLEGE CHOICE has been made, please make sure you let Annmarie know which college you have chosen. Deadline for committing is May 1.
3. Once your college decision is made, make sure you FINALIZE THE DETAILS. Have you put down the Enrollment Deposit? Registered for Orientation? Signed up for Housing? Gotten your Bacterial Meningitis vaccination? Each school is a little different so make sure you’re checking with your contact at your new university to ensure all the steps you need are taken.
4. Most colleges will consider your student an adult when they get to college and won’t release information to you regarding Health Records and Educational Records. Research and sign FERPA and HIPAA releases prior to your student leaving for college.…let Annmarie know if you would like to speak with our lawyer friend about this.
4. Register for COMMUNITY COLLEGE CLASSES – now is a good time to register for a few community college classes to take this summer. Registration for Austin Community College starts this week! Remember, the more time you shave off the front end of your college experience, the less time it will take you to graduate and get on to the next chapter of your life!

You should be very proud of your accomplishment ….we’re proud of you too!

Thank you,

The College InRoads Team

Annmarie, Mike, Dee & Mia

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