Hello Seniors!

Here’s what to focus on for February 2019:

1. Most of you have received the majority of your ACCEPTANCE LETTERS. Still waiting on a few?  You might check the colleges‘ portals or call the school to make sure they have everything they need to process the application (including Transcripts and SAT/ACT scores!) Make sure you’re keeping Annmarie in loop as they come in. Remember that some schools send out their acceptances later than others ….no need to panic at this point.
2. DId you get the acceptance from your top school?  Awesome!  But DON’T ACCEPT YET! You have until May 1 to make your decision and we want to make sure we know how much it’s going to cost before pushing the Yes button. With this in mind ….
3. Be sure to send Annmarie your AWARD LETTERS as they come in!  Some schools have already started to send them out, but most will come between now and April. You’ll know it’s the right letter because it will have a loan included in it. Once we have the majority of them in, we’ll schedule the Analysis meeting which is the last big part of our process. You’re almost done!
4. Also check to see if the school requires your MID-YEAR REPORT, a recap of your grades for the 1st semester. Some applications aren’t complete (and they won’t accept you) until they receive them.
5. Schedule VISITS and INTERVIEWS at your top 3-5 colleges. It’s critical that you visit these schools while class is in session to see if you’re comfortable in that environment. If the college offers “overnight” visits, we encourage you to go …..in some cases, these overnight visits can be the “make or break” if you’re having a hard time deciding between schools.
6. Before these Visits and Interviews, be sure that you take a look at our VISITATION AND INTERVIEW GUIDES on your website. Don’t forget your Resume!

P.S. Don’t forget to also apply for local scholarships!

Questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out …we’re here to help!

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