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Cheryll Willis, M.A.

Cheryll Willis, M.A. is a High School Counselor in New Jersey. As a School Counselor, she guided families with educational planning for their children for 21 years.  By conferencing with them about their goals for their life after high school.  She helps to create a plan to enable students to meet their career goals.  Her expertise and experience cover all facets of education and students with a wide range of abilities and learning styles, including students who are gifted and talented and students with learning disabilities. Mrs. Willis has also visits and attends hundreds of colleges in order to be a conduit to better serve students and their families.  Mrs. Willis is passionate about working with students, young adults, and families to help them find both their path in life.

Mrs. Willis holds a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Biology and a Master’s of Art (MA) in Counseling and a Master’s of Art (MA) in Administration and Supervision from Montclair State University, New Jersey.  Additionally, she holds a Certificate in School Counseling from the New Jersey Department of Education.

Mrs. Willis is a professional member of the Monmouth County School Counselors Association and the Middlesex County School Counselors Association.  Currently, she serves as the Treasurer of the Middlesex County School Counselors Association. Mrs. Willis is honored to be named the 2022 Middlesex County School Counselor of the year. 

Married and mother of two children and grandmother of two boys.  In her spare time, she loves to read, to craft, spending time with her family and friends, and volunteering with youth groups. 

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