Noah Nemitoff-Bresler

College Planner Austin

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Educational Consultant 200-3626

Noah Nemitoff-Bresler

Noah is passionate about guiding students on their educational journeys. With a degree in Cognitive Science specializing in Neuroscience and a background in middle school and high school education, Noah is uniquely positioned to understand the teenage brain. Noah’s years of experience working with twice-exceptional learners (those who are gifted and have learning differences), as well as his own background as a twice-exceptional learner, allow him to relate to and connect with that population.

In his role as an executive function coach, Noah has worked with students on goal setting, goal-directed behavior, organizational systems, and metacognition to help them develop the necessary skills to thrive in educational and professional environments.

Noah has a love for the outdoors and in his spare time, he can be found hiking, cycling, kayaking, and skiing. He has shared his love of the outdoors with students as a camp counselor, nature specialist, and ropes course facilitator and director.


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