Rachel | 10x Scholarship

Rachel | 10x Scholarship

From frozen to jumping In Immediately after first session.

Our daughter, an honor student, was in a frozen state of mind last summer on where and how to apply for colleges. We all felt lost in the application maze.
We turned to Annmarie and her team at College InRoads to set out a plan for Rachel to follow.


After pinkie swearing to Annmarie to begin their plan, it was like a light switch had been turned on. Rachel was able to jump-start her application process immediately that same night. I walked in around midnight to be hit with “Dad, how much money do you make? I’m filling out a form online.” Wow!

End result…She has been accepted to all 11 colleges she applied to and we give full credit to the great folks at College InRoads. Without their guidance, she might not be going to Baylor in the Fall.

Best Benefit—10x in scholarship monies over their consulting fees (one college was actually 20x).

Scott Naizer & Sarah Herrington


“A very small investment with a huge payoff. We couldn’t be happier, thank you College InRoads!”


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