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12 Things High School Students Should do to Increase Chances of Being Accepted to a Top College

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Our Personalized College Acceptance Program
Will Give Your Student The Advantage

At College Inroads, we simplify the complicated road to college with a 14-step personalized plan. Our goal is to help students represent the very best of themselves for stand-out applications to increase the chance of acceptance and scholarship dollars.

College & Career Search

We work with your student's goals to identify a list of colleges which look to be the best fit. We also help with a Career Search to discuss possible careers and majors.

Structured Process

Each student has their own dashboard to work through the entire college planning process. It includes college profiles, to-do lists, application outlines, and more, helping keep the your student-organized.

Application Process

College Inroads assists with all parts of the college application process, keeping a strong eye on all due dates. We review all applications prior to submission to check for errors or missing pieces.

Student Preparation

Impress Interviewers and Craft an Impressive Resume with Our Proven Strategies.

Financial Guidance

We provide guidance with filing financial aid forms and assist students in finding suitable scholarships that align with their goals and needs.

The Final Stretch

Get the Help You Need to Ensure That Your Student Can Cross the Finish Line